Why Volunteer?
  • Experienced substantive legal support through LSNF staff or Substantive Law Expert Panel.
  • Experienced professional clerical support for government and unemployed lawyers.
  • Access to Westlaw online.
  • Malpractice insurance when representing clients eligible for and referred by LSNF
  • Invitation to regular LSNF and other legal aid sponsored CLE trainings.
  • Collect and keep attorney fees from adverse party when appropriate.
  • Involvement in annual Law Day recognition activities.
  • Additional recognition through LSNF publications circulated throughout Florida.
  • Limited litigation fund support.

Advise Clients

(Time commitment, up to 1 to 3 hours per session)TELEPHONE LEGAL ADVICE HELPLINEVolunteer lawyers call back individuals at designated times in the various service areas Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays).  Individuals who have been pre-screened eligible for legal assistance or who have been referred to the helpline because their application for legal representation was accepted for legal advice only or those individuals signed up to attend the First Saturday Legal Clinic and did not appear. The helpline serves income eligible clients in civil legal matters specific to family, consumer and housing law from the following north Florida counties: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Leon, Monticello, Wakulla and Washington.  An advocacy manual provides volunteers with a comprehensive legal tool to help them advise clients on wide range of legal topics. 


Government lawyers, under the State of Florida Mentoring Partnership Program, may take up to five hours of administrative leave per calendar month to participate in community service programs that meet child, elder or human needs that includes volunteering for LSNF’s Legal Advice Helpline during regular business hours.

Sample DOE Mentoring Policy

For more information on the types of clinics LSNF offers visit our clinics page.

Represent a Client

(Time commitment, up to 5 to 10 hours per case)

LSNF volunteer lawyers generously donate their time by providing direct representation to eligible clients. LSNF refers eligible clients to attorneys with expertise in, experience with, or special interest in the particular client’s type of legal problem. Participating attorneys specify the legal areas in which they will accept referrals and this information is used when linking an applicant with an attorney.

Sign Up To Volunteer

  • Lawyers participating in any of the legal clinic or alternative volunteer programs may also agree to accept any advice, brief service case or ongoing LSNF staff attorney case for extended representation.
  • Lawyers may also make client referrals to LSNF and request the eligible cases be assigned to them for full representation.
  • Lawyers within LSNF’s service area may receive case referral requests by email from time to time asking for help on cases for which LSNF either lacks the resources or expertise to handle.


Review and Accept a Case

To review LSNF cases, simply search “Legal Services of North Florida” to see open cases.

Other Opportunities

(Time commitment, up to 1 to 3 hours per session)

  • Substantive Law Panel (Expert Legal Panel/Mentor Project) – government and private lawyers provide legal support to other volunteer attorneys and LSNF staff in consumer, landlord/tenant, wills and probate, bankruptcy and family law.
  • Family/Housing/Children LSNF Client Mediation Assistance Project – government and private lawyers represent LSNF clients at mediation hearings primarily in the 2nd Judicial Circuit.
  • Domestic/Sexual Violence Panel – government and private lawyers provide legal support to LSNF staff and other pro bono attorneys on all legal issues related to domestic and sexual violence including case handling.
  • Tax Law Panel – government and private lawyers provide legal support to LSNF staff and other pro bono attorneys on all legal issues related to the practice of tax law including case handling.
  • Children’s Legal Panel – government and private lawyers provide legal support to LSNF staff and other pro bono attorneys on all legal issues related to children including case handling.
  • Advocacy Manual Legal Editing Team – government and private attorneys are assigned to a legal section of LSNF’s pro bono attorney legal advice advocacy manual to help update and maintain the document on an ongoing basis.
  • All Other Activities – government and private attorneys provide consulting or co-counseling, legal research, assistance on appeals, developing substantive legal brochures and pleading forms, community legal education, CLE training and generally anything any attorney can suggest and provide that would assist LSNF on an as needed basis.


LSNF’s Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Plan

The Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Program, also known as the PAI Volunteer Lawyers Project, was initiated as a pilot project in 1982 by the Volunteer Lawyers Project of The Florida Bar.

LSNF works closely with private attorneys throughout our 16-county service area to give legal assistance to low-income and vulnerable individuals. Through the Private Attorney Involvement Program (PAI), this cooperation takes several forms including coordinating volunteer attorney resources of time and/or financial support. Please feel free to review and comment about LSNF’s Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Plan.

2018 PAI Plan

Attorneys may also become members of the Partners in Service Program. The “Partners” Program gives government or private attorneys and law firms an opportunity to contribute money annually to support LSNF activities while fulfilling The Florida Bar’s Pro Bono Rule.