Paralegal Day 2021

Paralegal Day 2021

Paralegal Day is more than just an opportunity to recognize the individuals...

....that help sustain our firm, but it’s a chance to applaud their commitment and hard work towards creating better access for our clients.

Whether it’s spending hours with clients to help them understand their case

Or it’s helping to make sure of expert documentation and organization.

Paralegals ensure that law offices across the country are working effectively and support our attorneys in their pursuit of justice!

 So we say thank you! Our senior leadership took some time to thank each of their paralegals for the work they do each day!

Legal Services of North Florida Program Wide

Moira Capstick does an excellent job working with clients and is able to gain their trust, which is vital to helping solve their legal problems. Regardless of who calls on her for help, Moira is ready and eager to support her coworkers and the overall needs of the organization with professionalism and kindness!


Shelia McClellan works with our Elder Law group and has proven herself to be enthusiastic and eager to support her coworkers, the organizations, and our clients. Whether drafting or working directly with clients, Shelia is not only skilled and dedicated but compassionate.


Brittany Landrum is a compassionate and hard-working paralegal who will always go the extra mile whether for a client, attorney, or administrative staff.  Her enthusiasm for learning new things and expanding her legal capabilities is inspiring and much appreciated by the attorneys she works with


.Legal Services of North Florida Quincy Office

Juanita Thigpen is extremely knowledgeable in so many areas of the law! She is an integral part of the Quincy team and a pillar within the community. We are so fortunate to have her on the team!


Sheila Gonzalez has excelled in the time she has worked with LSNF. She tackles her work assignments with patience, compassion, and strength.  We look forward to seeing everything she will accomplish throughout her career.


Legal Services of North Florida Tallahassee Office

Kerri Bowden is the backbone of our Tallahassee office. She knows more about the internal policies, procedures, and grant requirements than anyone! She is always willing to assist new staff and always learning more areas of the law to help her clients. Tallahassee would be lost without her. 


Mary Miley is such a positive person and always willing to take on a task for anyone. She is eager to learn and is very empathetic with her clients.  And now she will make an amazing first-time mom!


Zaid Haynes is our wise, mage. He understands most things physical and mental.  His patience with his clients is Zenlike and he is always trying to help the staff stay healthy and happy. Not to mention Zaid is also an amazing artist! 


Majo Cardenas is our newest paralegal.  Even though she is only with us for a short time, she has already proven herself to be super helpful.  It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know Majo!


Legal Services of North Florida Ft Walton Beach Office

Mandy Griffin’s passion for serving others shines through as she helps our clients face intimidating legal issues with kindness and compassion.


Legal Services of North Florida Panama City Office

Judith Legare is Panama City's go-to for all things Family Law. Smart, knowledgeable, and prepared, Judith is great with clients, with attorneys and with staff.  A true asset to LSNF.


Sharon Gray-Matthews has jumped in on the Disaster Work with both feet and done a tremendous job assisting the Disaster Group, with all things Disaster related.  Great with clients and attorneys alike Sharon has assisted greatly in keeping our Disaster goals reachable with excellent work and communication.


Legal Services of North Florida Pensacola Office

Veronica Murphy is the support that any office should be jealous of. She is committed to her community and involved in our clients needs, while also bringing professionalism and values to the Pensacola office. We are so lucky to have her!


Judy Naler has been a pillar to the outreach needs of the Pensacola office for years. As she moves into retirement, we know just how much of an asset we’re losing, but we are also so grateful to the tremendous efforts and structure she’s given us.


Beth Blake jumped into LSNF with both feet and has proven herself to be a trailblazer along the way. Her dedication and ability to connect with clients is so critical when they reach out to LSNF. Many of them are scared and lost and Beth is able comfort them and show them a path.


Pamela Mason has recently joined the ranks of paralegal in Pensacola after showing herself to be steadfast in her support of LSNF clients. Each day Pamela quietly shows our office the joy of helping underserved residents find access to the courts, while making sure our clients feel heard and understood.