LSNF Staff



Leslie N. Powell-Boudreaux

Executive Director

Scott Manion

Director of Litigation

Ashley Nevels

Chief Financial Officer

Ana Carroll

Executive Assistant/Grants Coordinator

Connie Davis

Grant Administrator/Litigation Paralegal

Jennifer Fauble

HR & Fiscal Support Manager

Kathy Grunewald

Disaster Coordinator Attorney

Charlotte Waters

Communications Manager

Carrie Boyd

Project Manager

Briana Robinson

Paralegal to the Director of Litigation

Judy Taylor

Fiscal Clerk


Jason Zaborske

Developer of Philanthropic Partnerships

Simone Nisbett

Pro Bono Manager

Moira Capstick

Legal Assistant

Sabrina Rodriguez de Conte

Law School Student Coordinator

Corinne Lojo

Helpline Attorney

Leon County Branch Office

Serving: Franklin, Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla counties.

Stephanie Johnson

Senior Attorney

Chris Del Marco

Staff Attorney

Mike Donovan

Community Development Attorney

Angel Eason

Access Coordination Attorney

Jessica Falkner

Staff Attorney

Colleen Mullen

Staff Attorney

Danielle Behring

Staff Attorney

Cecille Lucero

Medical Legal Partnership Attorney

Rebecca Zoeller

Equal Justice Works Crime Victims Justice Corps Legal Fellow

Adam Hubbell

Equal Justice Works Crime Victims Justice Corps Law Clerk

Kerri Bowden


Mary Donohue


Ayana Powell

Florida Legal Aid Enhancement Project Paralegal

Zaid Haynes

SSI/Disability Specialist

P.J. Osborne

Lead Secretary

Kemira Barlowe

Intake Coordinator

Mary Moody

Intake Specialist

Ana Villoldo

Part-Time Legal Assistant

Angela Rivera

Disaster Attorney

Karlyn Selders

Disaster Training Program Assistant

Rachel Layrisson

Community Recovery Coordinator

Kathryn Fanning

Disaster Law Clerk

Gadsden County Branch Office


Serving: Calhoun, Gadsden, Jackson, and Liberty counties.

Paul Arnold

Senior Attorney

Carter Young

Staff Attorney

Jeremy Mutz

Disaster Response Attorney

Juanita Thigpen


Sheila Gonzalez


Kim Whitaker

Lead Secretary

Alicia Sanders

Intake Specialist

Helen Haynie

Disaster Response Law Clerk

Bay County Branch Office


Serving: Bay, Gulf, Holmes and Washington counties.

James Coombs

Senior Attorney

Natausha Samuels

Staff Attorney

Sherman Weaver

Staff Attorney

Judith Davies-Legare


Lakshmi Ramaraj

Lead Secretary

Vanessa Hawkins

Intake Specialist

Debbie Crayton

Intake Specialist

Okaloosa County Branch Office


Serving: Okaloosa and Walton counties.

Kelly Kildam

Senior Attorney

Stephanie Ockunzzi

Staff Attorney

Bethany Taylor

Staff Attorney

Daniel McLaughlin

Veterans Legal Services Project Staff Attorney

Mandy Griffin


Yvette Sneed

Lead Secretary

Brenda Phillips

Intake Specialist

Escambia County Branch Office


Serving: Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

Christine Kelly Fausel

Senior Attorney

Andrea Roberts

Staff Attorney

Patrick Jennings

Staff Attorney

Julianna Despinos

Staff Attorney

Paul Flounlacker

Florida Legal Aid Enhancement Project Attorney

Diana Chestnut

Staff Attorney

Judy Naler

Community Outreach Coordinator & Paralegal

Veronica Murphy


Cindy McCaskill

Lead Secretary

Pamela Mason

Legal Secretary

Beth Blake

Intake Specialist