Housing Law

What is Housing Law

LSNF works to keep the family safe and secure by preserving inhabitable and affordable housing.

LSNF also focuses on removing barriers to families ability to obtain housing. It is one of our highest priorities to protect our clients from living in homelessness.

Our volunteer and staff lawyers may provide counsel, advice or full representation to clients in the following types of cases: lease agreement dispute, landlord lockouts, poor living conditions and public housing issues. LSNF may also assist with homeownership and real property issues. Each case is reviewed on its own legal merits for case acceptance.

What to know about the CDC Order?

Before filing the CDC Declaration form, please review the materials below or watch the CDC Order (Eviction Moratorium) video to the right.

CDC Eviction Moratorium ends July 31, 2021.

Eviction Court Form Builder Program

This guided interview will create an eviction response for you. Make sure to have your court papers ready, since we’re going to be answering questions about them.

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