Elder Law

What is Elder Law

Elder law encompasses many different areas of law that affect individuals 60 years of age and older.

LSNF volunteer and staff lawyers may provide counsel, advice or full representation to senior citizens in many areas of the law. In limited circumstances, LSNF may provide assistance with wills, and other simple estate planning, and some probate matters. Simple estate planning may include beneficiary deeds, powers of attorney, and health care directives. We may also provide assistance with guardianships for those who need protection. Each case is reviewed on its own legal merits for case acceptance.

What is Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is usually defined as abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Elder Law Resources

Providers & Elder Advocates

Florida Elder Law Risk Detector

The Legal Risk Detector App is a FREE program developed with Pro Bono Net that service providers can use to screen seniors for potential legal issues. Referrals are sent directly to the Center for Elder Law & Justice once the assessment is complete. The app is a web-based legal health “check-up” tool that allows medical personnel, social workers, and other allied professionals to screen older adults, including home bound people, for common legal issues, including abuse and financial exploitation.

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