Insurance and Personal Property Claims

Insurance Claims

If you have insurance that covers your loss, always make a claim with your insurance company. The claim can be made either before applying for FEMA Aid, or immediately when applying for FEMA assistance. FEMA would prefer that you file with your insurance company before applying for FEMA aid. By filing insurance claims before applying for aid will help prevent delays in FEMA assistance. If your insurance doesn’t cover everything or is delayed there may be FEMA assistance available.

Check your policy to see what is covered items are covered and how to make a claim. For general information on standard insurance:

If you don’t know the name of your insurance, or can’t find your policy, check your bank account or credit card statements for payments to your insurer. Or you can contact your mortgage company for the name of your insurer, as most lenders require insurance and keep copies of insurance information. Once you know the company, contact them for policy information and to make a claim.

If you have contacted your insurance company and they are not working with you, or responding to your claim you can contact the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation with questions or complaints

Please contact the Office of the Insurance Commissioner for Florida to file a complaint and they will contact the insurance company on your behalf to assist with your complaint

Personal Property

 If you have personal property damage that is not covered by your insurance, FEMA assistance may be available to replace those items. Depending on your income, you may be referred by FEMA for a Small Business Association low interest disaster loan. For certain aid FEMA will require you to fill out a Small Business Disaster Loan application before you can qualify for that aid. For more information on the SBA loans, see out page on FEMA Aid.