Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance and Damage Claims

After a Natural Disaster, Homeowners with homeowner's insurance will need to claim their losses with their insurance company. FEMA Aid will not cover. Always make a claim with your insurance company, either before applying for FEMA Aid if possible, or immediately when applying for FEMA assistance. Filing insurance claims ASAP will help prevent delays in FEMA assistance. If your insurance doesn’t cover everything or is delayed there may be FEMA assistance available.

If you don’t know the name of your insurance, or can’t find the policy, check bank account or credit card statements for payments to insurer, contact your mortgage company most lenders require insurance and keep copies of insurance information. Once you know the company contact them for policy information.  

Obtaining Homeowner's Insurance After a Natural Disaster

Occasionally, after a natural disaster insurance companies change their coverage areas. If this happens and you loose your home insurance you can shop around for other insurance. If that a homeowner is unable to obtain other insurance, the state of Florida has state sponsored insurance, Citizens Property Insurance.

For more information on Citizens Insurance talk to your insurance broker or go to: https://www.citizensfla.com/

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