General Overview

Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) is SNAP that is provided on a short term basis for people impacted by a natural disaster. A disaster survivor does not need to have been a SNAP recipient prior to natural disaster to receive D-SNAP benefits. You can also receive D-SNAP if you are already reviving SNAP benefits. D-SNAP benefits are also available sooner than normal SNAP benefits, and can be received within one week of applying.

D-SNAP is not approved for every disaster. It also may have a limited time window for eligibility. To see if D-SNAP has been activated for your disaster go to:

  1. https://www.fns.usda.gov/disaster/florida-disaster-nutrition-assistance;  or
  2. Florida Department of Children and Families (myflfamilies.com)

If D-SNAP has been activated for the disaster, the home page of Florida Department of Children and Families will have information about the program and the application.  

If D-SNAP has been approved for your disaster be sure to apply ASAP to receive your benefits.


To be eligible for D-SNAP, a person must:

  1. Have lived in the disaster area at the time it was federally declared to be a disaster;
  2. Have suffered income loss due to the disaster;
  3. Have incurred disaster related loss expanses;
  4. Meet the income qualifications - usually, for D-SNAP most income restrictions are waived, see Florida Department of Children and Families (myflfamilies.com) for more details.

Benefits and Supplements for Current SNAP Recipients

If you are currently receiving SNAP benefits, you can receive a supplement to increase your benefits to the maximum amount allowable for your household size.

Applying for D-SNAP

For D-SNAP applications and deadlines please go to: Florida Department of Children and Families (myflfamilies.com)

Applications are usually only open for seven days, so don't delay.

Other Information

To replace lost, damaged, stolen EBT-Cards for current D-SNAP recipients please contact the Florida SNAP Coordinators:

  1. Phone: (888)-356-3281
  2. online: http://ebtedge.com