Disaster Legal Services

Disaster Law?

LSNF works to help individuals and families recover from the effects of a major disaster. The aftermath of a disaster can be staggering leaving survivors overwhelmed3 by the process of recovery. LSNF works closely with disaster survivors to put them on the path to recovery.

LSNF attorneys may provide legal counseling, advice and when appropriate and necessary, full representation in the following types of disaster cases:

  • FEMA assistance and FEMA appeals
  • Help with insurance claims for property damage, and loss of personal property
  • Landlord disputes
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors
  • Questions about consumer scams and consumer protection matters
  • Replacing legal documents lost in a storm
  • Completing application for disaster loans and grants and assistance
  • Help with Disaster Food Assistance
  • Help with FEMA Notice of Potential Debt recoupment letters