Client Success Stories

Support for Families. Preserving the Home. Maintaining economic stability, safety, and health.

LSNF’s capacity to provide these services is a result of various community, state and federal funding programs and through the dedication of our hardworking staff and hundreds of volunteer attorneys who share their legal expertise with LSNF clients each year.  So many in North Florida would not have access to justice without them.  This collective community commitment allows LSNF to advance our vision of providing hope and justice for all.

The following stories provide a look at some of individuals and families LSNF attorneys have helped.  Their stories remind us of the significance of LSNF’s mission and highlight the tireless work of our talented and dedicated legal staff and volunteers.

In 2016, LSNF served nearly 6,000 individuals and families. Throughout these pages, you will find data on the clients LSNF served and the services provided to bring equal justice in our communities.

*(All names are changed for the protection of our clients.)



Susan,* a mother of two children, was threatened by her husband with the loss of their home (partition) in their recent divorce. Her husband claimed that, if she did not forgive the child support arrearage and terminate all future child support payments, he would take the home she had received as a gift from her mother. Susan had been making all mortgage and tax payments totaling more than the home’s worth of $30,000 and was now facing homelessness with her two children. Susan came to LSNF, emotional and desperate to provide her children with a safe place to live. LSNF’s Quincy office defended Susan against the partition. In the end, Susan kept her home. Her husband received no credit for the home and was obligated to pay her the child support owed until her oldest child turned 20. The LSNF team was honored to help Susan to provide a safe and loving home for her and her two children.



After years employed as a janitor, Jim* fell ill and was no longer able to work. Jim and his wife Nancy* had trouble keeping up with the amount of paperwork from medical bills, other bills and solicitation letters. To them, it seemed like it was too late when they learned that their home of over 40 years had been foreclosed and already sold. LSNF represented the couple and, after several hearings, the Judge set aside the sale, giving the couple enough time to find alternative financing to save their home. LSNF connected them to community services to help with medical and financial assistance while finalizing a dismissal of the lawsuit.


For All.

A married couple, both with disabilities, and their small child were at risk of losing their home to foreclosure. Their disabilities prevented them from working. LSNF negotiated a stay of the foreclosure while assisting the husband in getting social security disability benefits. With his retroactive benefits, the family caught up the payments and the lender dismissed the foreclosure. The couple had taken the mortgage to pay medical bills for their own treatment and basic medical care for their son. The husband now qualifies for Medicare and LSNF helped the family receive Medicaid benefits for the son so his basic medical needs could be met in the future.