Message From Executive Director

Executive Director Message

How do we define justice? At Legal Services of North Florida, justice is our core vision. We aspire to achieve justice by helping those who would not otherwise seek it and those who would not have the same access to it without our help.

We work every day to identify legal practices that lead to continued poverty or victimization and help individuals challenge these practices. We provide an ear to those whose injustice has not been heard, and help them find justice through our legal avenues and in collaboration with our community partners.

Most of all, our vision is that the work we do will help all in our community see that — if even just one individual receives an opportunity for justice they wouldn’t have had without our help — we all benefit.

Our country was built on a foundation of justice. When penning our Constitution the drafters placed justice in the forefront of its preamble. Our dictionaries have broad definitions to include fairness, equity, moral principle, and judicial process.

Depending on what a participant wants from justice, the question often becomes, how do they know they received it? LSNF’s mission is to work passionately to answer that question for those who seek justice. Our dedicated attorneys work every day towards a balance to ensure that everyone feels as if they’ve at least been given a fair, even-handed opportunity to achieve justice and right injustice.

In visiting our website, you show that you share our passion for justice. We are collectively humbled and honored by the opportunity we have to serve this noble cause of justice and invite you to join us! Please explore our pages on volunteering, giving, and sharing our mission.

For those of you visiting because you need legal help to achieve justice, please visit our Services page to learn more about services we provide and how you can apply for help, or to find more information about others who serve the goal of justice.

Together, we can ensure there is hope and justice for all!

Leslie Powell-Boudreaux