LSNF is grateful for the many local and national governmental entities, agencies and grantors who have embraced our mission of justice through their financial support of our work. Individuals who support LSNF invest based on our collective fundamental belief in the importance of access to justice.

Who benefits from your investment in LSNF?

  • Vulnerable and exploited individuals and families.
  • Veterans of all ages facing challenges to their health, financial, family, or housing stability.
  • Domestic and sexual violence victims and their children in long-term personal safety.
  • Senior citizens with limited access to public transportation.
  • Seniors targeted by home improvement/predatory lending scams.
  • Families stabilized by maintaining transportation, income, and affordable housing.
  • Individuals given assistance to secure employment and education.
  • Community non-profit organizations that work with special needs populations, affordable housing, job creation, and transportation.
  • Rural and immigrant women who are victims of abuse.

Everyone Benefits

  • When we stop an illegal eviction, one less person is homeless.
  • When we force a fly-by-night contractor to redo “shoddy” work for an elderly couple, we are discouraging contractors from preying on other victims.
  • When we save a home from foreclosure, residents do not need to seek shelter at the community’s expense or become homeless.
  • When we stop a cycle of domestic violence, we save lives, enhance employment stability, and reduce healthcare costs.
  • When we help not-for-profits with their legal issues, we help them to allocate more revenue for their client services.
  • When LSNF helps clients provide for themselves, other community non-profit resources are not stretched as thin.

Ways to Give

Round Up! Give change and make a change through our Round Up campaign. Round up each of your purchases and give that loose change to LSNF through our Round Up Campaign! Simply sign up below and add whichever card your prefer to begin supporting LSNF now. You can even choose what amount to cap your round up change at so you never give more than an amount you want. Each month we’ll even send you a statement of giving and at the end of the year we’ll supply you with an annual giving amount.

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